Pyrkon 2023 Wargaming Preview

Pyrkon 2023, taking place on 16-18.06.2023 in Poznań is set to be an exciting and highly anticipated convention in Western Poland, drawing in fans from all over the world. With a focus on science fiction, fantasy, and pop culture, Pyrkon is one of the largest and most popular conventions in the country.  In fact, at more than 56 000 attendees it must be one of the biggest conventions in Europe. Most importantly, Pyrkon will also offer quite a bit for wargamers.

The convention will take place over three days, from Friday to Sunday, and will feature a wide range of events and activities. Attendees can expect to see a variety of panels and discussions on topics ranging from popular movies and TV shows to gaming and comic books. While most panels at Pyrkon are hosted in Polish, around one fifth are intended for English-speaking participants.

One the Pyrkon highlights are miniature painting contests in several categories. You don’t have to be a pro. Just bring out your minis and showcase your dedication!

Cyberpunk minis at the painting contest on Pyrkon 2022

There will also be an impressive lineup of guests, including authors and artists from all over the world. Some of the notable names that should be known to everyone in the wargaming community are Chris Birch, founder of Modiphius (Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and Skyrim miniature game, both based on video games franchises) and Games Workshop legend Jervis Johnson, who worked on the 1st to 8th editions on Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Space Hulk, Warhammer Ancient Battles and other GW games.

Wargaming legend Jervis Johnson will be certainly highlight for wargamers at Pyrkon 2023

In addition to the guest appearances and panels, Pyrkon 2023 will also feature a large exhibit hall, where vendors and exhibitors will showcase the latest and greatest in science fiction, fantasy, and pop culture merchandise. Attendees can browse through an array of books, comics, collectibles, and artwork, as well as try out new games and technology. There will be dedicated space for wargamers, with tournament planned for One Page Rules rulesets, Warhammer 40k, Battletech and more. You can find full line-up at Pyrkon page.

Combined arms Battletech event at Pyrkon 2022 – there should be tons of tournaments, even for some obscure wargames.

Wargames and boardgame hall. A great way to chat and meet people – not to mention discovering new systems.

No matter if you’re wargamer or not, you will find a lot to do on Pyrkon. With its incredible lineup of guests, engaging panels, and exciting exhibits, it’s sure to be a highlight of the year for anyone who loves not only wargaming, but also science fiction, fantasy, pop culture, cosplay or anime. See you on Pyrkon and stay tuned for full report!

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