canadian armored trucks - flames of war

C15TA Canadian Armored Trucks for Flames of War


I finished Canadian C15TA Armored Trucks for Flames of War. They’re fantastic 1/100 scale models (about 4 cm long), with integral bases and interesting thing is that they’re metal + resin + plastic models – a real hybrid. Car and base is resin, while transported soldiers – poor bloody infantry clutching rifles – is metal. On top of that, I added some plastic jerry cans, backpacks and other stowage from Plastic Soldier Company “German Stowage and Commanders” set.

canadian armored trucks - flames of war

They’re nice and detailed kits, and working with these trucks was fun. Unfortunately, Battlefront is stepping out from their resin kits, due to economical reasons, which means they’re OOP now. Not available in Battlefront store, though some blisters still available on their Amazon. If collect Canadians for FoW, and have this opportunity to find blisters online or in your local store, get them. No other company makes them in 1:100. Two trucks are in single blisters, and to field a Motor Platoon, you’ll need four – at least in 3rd edition.

These trucks took part post Market Garden Canadian operations against Germans, so there are no rules for 4th edition FoW yet.

Shot from above.

c15ta truck canadian

And here’s preserved vehicle that survived the war, from Arlington – probably private collection. After the war, some of these sturdy trucks were left in Europe and given to liberated countries. French used them in Indochina War in 50’s and even some were sold to African warlords, where they took part in various conflicts during 60’s. If you play these conflicts in 15mm, you can add them to your collection too. Really solid gear, produced by General Motors Canada!

Front shot. Decal are from Late War British set.


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